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My Sexy Redhead Stripper Wife


How much for a pair of stripper shoes and a thong?

Back in October my redhead took a job as a secretary for a local attorney. He mainly does Perry Mason criminal law, so she’s meeting an entirely new class of people. It makes for interesting dinner conversation.

Some things you should know before you get any further in this story: My redhead has a nice hourglass figure. My redhead likes to wear clothes that accentuate her figure. (Think suggestive rather than slutty.)

Yesterday a surgically enhanced suicide blond comes by the office. It seems she was stopped for DUI and needed an attorney.

While she’s waiting for her appointment, she strikes up a conversation with my redhead. In the course of the conversation she mentions she got her DUI after leaving her job. She works here. As a stripper. (Though if you see her mother tell her she just serves drinks.)

Now my redhead is intrigued. She’d never met a stripper before. I had, but she hadn’t. She asks about what it’s like, how much money she makes—all the details.

Sensing her obvious interest, she said to my redhead, “you know, you’re built like me—you should try dancing. You might really enjoy it.”

My redhead blushed and dismissed the idea. The blond goes in to see the attorney and the conversation ends.

So last night my redhead came home in a good mood. After all, how many women get told they have a “stripper body” by an actual stripper?

Of course I didn’t know at the time anything about the conversation. She makes supper and I come in from the den to eat. The first thing she asks me:

“Do you think I could make money as a stripper?”

I wasn’t sure whether to be jealous or proud. I made a bee-line to the bank this morning and took out $200—all in ones—just in case she wasn’t kidding.

kevinavatartiny.jpgKevin Scott writes My Redhead Life Blog - Living with my own (Drive Me) Crazy Redhead about the adventures he and his redhead wife have day to day. He is a full-time writer, eking out a living by stealing other people’s ideas and claiming they are his own. He lives hand-to-mouth, which makes it hard to carry on conversations, and stays just one step ahead of the revenuers.

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