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How to Seduce Your Wife Tonight

Want to have mind-blowing sex with your wife tonight? Of course you do!

What if I told you there was a simple way to predictably seduce your wife tonight, have mind-blowing sex and set both of you up for a marriage filled with mutually satisfying, explosive sex for years to come?

Sounds like a dream, but you are about to find out it can be a reality.

There is a simple, seven step plan to seducing your wife tonight and preparing you both for more sex in the very near future. Here is the first step:


Plan Your Seduction

This may sound silly, but if you are like most men, you don’t spontaneously do the seductive things that will make you a winner in the bedroom tonight. Most of us tend to be thinking about sex many times each day (maybe all the time), but we don’t act on our thoughts until the kids are in bed, Leno has read this week’s “Headlines” and our wife just slipped out of those bunny slippers and into bed.

Trying to hit on her then is like trying to start a diesel in the arctic—it ain’t gonna turn over for ya.

Seducing your wife tonight means you need a plan to get her warmed up throughout the day. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve doing the laundry or dusting, it just involves a little planning and a few well-timed, thoughtful gestures.

In planning your seduction, you need to make sure your wife is AVAILABLE to have mind-blowing sex with you tonight.

  1. Get Rid of the Kids
  2. If the kids are an issue, use one of the strategies here to send them packing for the evening:


  3. Make sure she is available
  4. There are some times when you won’t be successful in seducing your wife, no matter what you do.

    If she is working late and won’t be home until bed time, chances are you need to postpone. She’s going to come in exhausted and possibly pre-occupied and all she has been dreaming about for the last several hours was rest. If you want to prepare her for the next time when she will be available, offer her a foot massage when she gets home tonight without expecting anything in return. It will pay off for you later.

    Another obvious time she is not available is when she is ill. If she’s on her period, ditto.

    I have a theory (yet unproven but probably correct) that most if not all women are unseducable after spending a day with their mother. You can check this one out for yourself if you dare.

  5. Plan a Day of Seduction
  6. Remember my illustration about a diesel engine above? A woman needs to be “plugged in” in the morning and allowed to warm up all day. Once she is warmed up, you can ignite her passion.

    Start seducing her in the morning, continue seduction throughout the day and evening then culminate it with prolonged love making that night.

    But how do you seduce her all day? What ideas do you have to come up with? That’s what the rest of this is all about. I am going to tell you exactly what you need to do and say each step of the way to seduce your wife.

Sex Tips

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154 Comments on “How to Seduce Your Wife Tonight”

  1. #1 Lolita
    on Mar 13th, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Does your wife not seem interested in sex anymore? Does she turn over and go to sleep? Does she reject your kisses/attempts? Do you really think she lost her passion for sex? Well you are wrong. You want sex nightly with your wife, follow the steps below, guaranteed to work, because I know, I am a wife of 19 years and was in that rut. If you’re not having sex then here it is married men the answers you’ve been wanting for years.

    First and foremost:
    Tell her that she WILL lose you because the lack of intimacy is driving you crazy. The threat of losing you will turn her switch back on. HOWEVER, after your rekindled passion, she will fall right back in the same rut, because she is not getting her attention.

    Do each of these items weekly:
    Plan an adventure, women love men who are CONSUMED with the thoughts of planning something with THEM. This could be a simple picnic dinner on the living room floor with take-out and candles and champagne or finding a special inexpensive restaurant that has something special about it: seating cross-legged on the floor, belly dancing, live music-dancing, unusual food like fondue/finger foods that you can feed each other, etc. Do not think that an expensive restaurant is a turn-on, it is the special EXPERIENCE that is the turn-on. A drive along the coast in the rain, bring an umbrella and champagne and caviar to eat in the car. Get creative with the adventure and keep it mixed up. Yes it takes time in your day, but the time you used to spend thinking about why your wife rejects you, you can spend on planning your adventures.

    Write notes and place them in unexpected places, sometimes behind her pillow, in her brush drawer, in her coffee/tea cup, mix it up and keep them coming. The notes should be short ie ‘thinking about you babe’, ‘I am so lucky to have YOU’, ‘Can’t wait to get home to be with you’, etc.

    Call her and send her emails that you are thinking about her and can’t wait to get home to be with her. These should be sexy phone calls/emails so make sure your door is closed or you delete copies of your emails on the server. These should be graphic about her body and what you what to do. They should be short calls/emails because if you linger it will become uncomfortable.

    Buy her a small inexpensive gift, one single flower (her favorite) don’t buy her a ton of flowers, it is not the amount, it is the simple gesture (she may get mad if you spend too much of a bunch of flowers regularly, but how can she get mad at one single flower?) Pick a flower from your garden. Buy her one pair of undies or one pair of funky socks. Buy her two pieces of her favorite chocolate, one for her/one for you. Buy her her favorite coffee beans or tea or a current issue of her favorite magazine-wrap a ribbon around it. Buy her a tiny knickknack for the house or garden, something very inexpensive like a candle, candle holder, figurine, garden stake, under $10 so she won’t fret about the money.

    Make a public expression of affection, a toast when her friends are around about how lucky you are, a quick kiss and squeeze her butt while waiting for a table at a restaurant (not a long kiss that may embarrass her), if she works, send her flowers, have an item that she’s been wanting delivered with a note that it is sent JUST BECAUSE you can’t stop thinking about her and how desirable she is.

    Birthdays/Anniversaries/Valentine’s Day
    Find out well-ahead of time what items she has been wanting and buy her one, but make sure that it is the exact item that she has talked about for a while now. She will have forgotten what items she has talked about but will be surprised that you remembered. Do not get her something that you like, she has different taste, stick to what she has told you she wants. Spend the money wrapping it in sheer fabric add a special attachment to the bow ie fresh flower, a charm, a bobble of some sort, and put it without saying anything in the living room on a special piece of furniture a week before the event so she has a week to wonder what it could be! Buy balloons, simple decorations, flower peddles and when she is out, decorate the bedroom with them and light a candle. Or if you are planning a bed and breakfast get away hide the decorations and decorate the room of the inn before she goes in.

    While on Vacations
    When she sees something she likes in a store while on vacation, secretly buy it and later while at dinner, ask her to give you her hand under the table and present the gift into her hand.

    She is getting older and worries about her crow’s feet, remind her regularly that younger women or so ho-hum to you that you can’t believe how much more desirable she has gotten through the years. Younger women don’t do it for you – she does!

    If you have kids, don’t let them argue/debate their mother, stop them and immediately expect them to apologize to mom. Teach respect of their mother. Get involved, call the kids daily after their school to see if they are doing homework or started their other responsibilities.

    Lastly, whoever suggests that maybe YOU should express to her what irritates you about her, DON’T LISTEN EVER, there are things that irritates her about you too, but who cares, if you two are regularly intimate and desire each other, then who cares. She won’t be able to forget the things you told her and they will haunt her and give her self doubt.

    Well, I’m all excited about the perfect husband listed above, that I can’t wait to show him how much he is loved and desired by ME! Good Luck.

  2. #2 wft3000
    on Nov 11th, 2008 at 2:58 am

    Hmm. Good post.

  3. #3 fixalover
    on Nov 15th, 2008 at 9:37 am

    Thanks for the great tips.

  4. #4 Scott
    on Dec 27th, 2008 at 10:51 am

    I tried to sign on to get the book and to recieve the newsletter. It would not let me. It told that the account fulltilt exists in thier records but is currently not active. It also advised me to notify the websit owner of this message. So I am and would like to receive your newletter. Thanks, Scott

  5. #5 GHynson
    on Apr 27th, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    Get a new wife,…
    or $50.

  6. #6 CR James
    on Jul 26th, 2009 at 2:29 am

    Planning the seduction is the #1 thing that all guys should do.

  7. #7 Darren
    on Sep 10th, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    Ok all this stuff sounds good and may work for the average woman but that stuff aint flying with MY wife. She HAS to be the most unreachable women ever(I know from banging my head aginst the wall). I haven’t had sex with my wife for over 10 months(she says 6) and it does’nt look like anytime soon either. I’ve tried all those things mentioned as well as some of my own ideas, and nothing. Should I give up, and try agiain???

  8. #8 Jim
    on Sep 27th, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    I think if this doesn’t work- you should try learning to love again. “The Love Dare” is a great 40 day commitment to learning to love like you did or thought you did. It’s a journey not to be taken lightly but your spouse will appreciate it and you don’t have to wait onother 10 months for intimate relationships.

  9. #9 Wayne
    on Oct 31st, 2009 at 9:34 am

    After banging my head against the wall, over and over trying to seduce my wife, I realized that it was I who was trying too hard. I became frustrated! Sometimes you have to be unreachable. I did all the little gift ideas, the short little emails, a few posted notes, the touching and the kiss in the afternoon afternoon after I got home from work. One thing I didn’t do is make the aggressive moves. I just showed her that I was interested, but never put myself in a position to be available. After several weeks of this, I asked her out on a date. After the dinner, we went to a spot overlooking the city, with a bottle of wine. After a few (Styrofoam cups) of wine, I leaned over and passionately kissed her, gently and slowly. She became the aggressor……wow. Good ideas on this post. Remember, patience is the key, and if at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up, and don’t get frustrated. After an intimate encounter is achieved, continue what you are doing, and don’t stop. Be creative. I had fun doing it, and the results are great.

  10. #10 Mark
    on Nov 7th, 2009 at 6:55 am

    I do all these things for my wife.. I think sometimes I do too much, and she takes me for granted. We go months at a time without making love. She gets very angry most of the time when i ask to make love. She never wants for anything. She pursues things with a passion and relentlessness when she wants something. I just wish she would pursue our marriage like she does the materialistic things she gets. She treats her friends, and co-workers better than she does me. I am so frustrated and confused. If it weren’t for our kids there would not be any happiness in my life. I cook 90% of our dinners, I clean and do laundry, and i work what can be at times avery stressful job. She works a stressful job as well, but only has to relax when she gets home due to the fact I take care of the kids and house. I ask for dates with her, and she says yes but plans always get changed by her. I am very sad, depressed, and stressed the majority of the time. I need help in saving my marriage because I can’t possibly take much more of the neglect.

  11. #11 Annie
    on Nov 18th, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    It sounds like she was raised by a mother who did it all for her, no chores, etc, so she is simply being true to what she was raised by or in…make sense. If that is true, over time, she will begin to get a glimmer and feel a twinge of the truth there. How you tell her will have to be a very tender, perhaps crying thing…as she will initially deny it. Sometimes a terrible event in their life will wake them up temporarily, but often the heart has to be completely changed. Trust me, it ain’t easy. If you are religious, then pray. Try praying every hour of the day with all your heart and see what the heavens can do for you. If you don’t think the Creator wants a couple to be happy more than anything else, then think again. It all depends on where the two of you are. It’s not easy, but all you want is improvement. No one out there has the perfect marriage, just a growing, progressing one, or one that is in stagnation. Best of wishes. You will find the answers little by little and it will be worth the effort.

  12. #12 Amanda
    on Feb 10th, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    I feel for you all marry men. I don’t know why us women are like that and sometimes I don’t even understand about myself too. I get exhausted of myself why I’m like that to my husband.

    Lolita has great ideas, but the wife has to accept too. No matter what and how much you try to seduce and she’s like a dead zombie, there’s no point of doing those fun, sexy, and exotic activities. I know there are good men who does everything for their wife and those wives don’t deserve it. There are men who are players which love to f**K around with different women, drink, abusive, and is never serious about their family. It would be nice if it get switched around but we don’t know why?

    I’m a woman and I totally agree with my husband. My husband once said the more you help your wife 90-95%, they take advantage of your helpfulness and disrespect you. Later on you end up wearing the dress. I’m not saying my marriage is perfect. My husband helps me out around the house too and especially bathing our children which I hated.

    I don’t know about other women and for women who are wearing the pants, as for myself, I tried to have sex with my husband as much I can even I look bitchy or sound like a robot, I still have to give my body to him. I think it’s something about our hormones because I know I’m not as wet and horny when my husband and I were dating. Especially when he was so close to me, I was soaking so much that I had to change my underwear. I hated and it’s frustrating not being able to f**k your husband everyday and night forever. Even today I tell him you can be so close to me and I’m not even wet or feel horny.

    Also, I don’t like when a husband is not able to have sex with his wife and later end up cheating. Love and marriage hurts when he decide to find sex somewhere else and it’s so hard to lure him back into your arms again. It’s like a dead funeral between you and him.

    The most important is both spouses need to be open and have trust sharing their concerns. Ask your partner why he/she is behaving that way, is he/she still in love with you, did he/she find someone else who could perform better sex, and etc. Don’t make your partner escalate because later on you’ll end up having a nasty fight. I let my husband know that I’m not horny and I don’t know why. If I could find something to cure me and him, we would be f**king everyday and every minute. I like the orgasm but I hate to start the sex. I tell him the only time I want to have sex with him is when I start my period and that’s when my sex drive kicks in until two in the half weeks after that I’m back to an evil exhausting psycho bitch who doesn’t want to have sex. Sound funny but it’s true. I feel like Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde.

    It is frustrating. I sometime tell my husband that if a guy flirts with me or when I have sex dreams with a stranger, it feels romantic and horny. However, I don’t want to have a cheating heart because I love my hubby dearestly until death due us part. I’m not an angel but sometimes I fear that I might cheat on him. Praying to God that I will love my hubby and he’s the only man I will have intimacy with. If hubby wants to have an affair, he can go to hell (LOL).

    I’m trying to cooperate, even though my horny hormones is almost ended which it’s sad. I’m trying to be sexy, seductive, talk nasty sex, touchy, watch prono with him, be slutty, and be creative as much as I can to be with him so I can have the desire f**king him. There are things I would tell him what I like such as gifts, flowers, get away weekend vacation, surprises, sexy massage, and etc.

    Most important is the husband and wife must work together as a team. If marriage counseling doesn’t work then, I guess suffer with the marriage or end the marriage (not a good solution).

    I recall my aunt used to said to me that she was a good wife who worked hard, cared her children, saved money, cook, clean, awesome housewife, and etc. At the end my aunty’s husband end up having an affair with different women. She doesn’t understand why her husband is not pleased with her because of her roles. I asked her have you ever tried to be a sexy and seductive wife because men love a woman who is slutty, sexy, and f**k him hard. She said no.

    Sorry for the long suggestions. These are just my opinions.


    Happy Valentines!

  13. #13 trying
    on Jun 15th, 2010 at 9:20 am

    interesting. as the wife, I am the frustrated one. for once I wish he would read the signals instead of trying to grab me when I’ve got the phone on one shoulder and the frying pan in the air, or the dishwasher half-loaded. Try swirling your hand around in the bath while I’m soaking instead of watching TV in the other room! And man, a swipe at a boob is not seduction! the diesel thing is a good metaphor. Once I get running you can’t turn me off. We haven’t had sex in months, though - just me on my lonesome. Reading these things makes me wonder if I’m reading the signals wrong, too, though. I wonder what signals guys do read, ’cause the language I’m sending isn’t the one he knows! And, asking doesn’t help - been there, tried that, and the results were quite artificial, like an unspontaneous dance.

  14. #14  Decking Kits
    on Aug 15th, 2010 at 1:38 pm

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    on Oct 1st, 2010 at 5:26 am

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    on Oct 18th, 2010 at 11:47 am

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  17. #17 John
    on Oct 26th, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Its not hard… Keep in shape… compliment her… and rock her world when you have sex…

    I get my wife in bed daily with ease. Its not difficult…

  18. #18 Shower Radio ·
    on Nov 8th, 2010 at 5:12 am

    i kind of like the smell of fresh flowers specially those fragrang ones ~

  19. #19 Da Flex
    on Jan 26th, 2011 at 8:31 am

    A man should be a man and a woman should be a woman ALWAYS. If anyone ever ever ever tries to change this then they will end up with 80% plus divorce rates. Good Morning Amercia……..Britan…………..Would you like to wake up and smell the coffee?

    Why is there not such crazy statistics in Asia………? Simply because a woman remains a woman (looking after the household affaris and children). A man remains a man (looking after the finance and work). Both men and women doing the the same thing, even though they are chemically so different, just doesnt make good sense or good economics. Until the day a man can breast feed stick to this old system…..if you want a happily married life.

    Most of us beleive in God…….so lets work with him. Not against him. He created a man to be a man and woman to be a woman so that they could live in harmony, have children and BE HAPPY! Thats not hapenning because we are going against the laws of nature, and listening to weak minded people of this world who advocate the same education system for men and for women. It doesnt make sense and it never will. Try injecting petrol into a diesel engine! In other words if we put the right fuel in a compatible engine then we get a smooth, long ride with no regrets. Otherwise the engine stops working and then it requires a whole big clean up………only then to repeat the mistake again. Lions understand this philosophy better we do which is why they still live in relative Harmony with their wives.

    My genuine advice is that men should stop this nonsense of trying to cook and clean and wash etc. Thats not to say they they dont do anything else. They should look after the house, the bills, the expenses, the shopping…………..and all the laboursome work which requires physicall effort. Never let a woman lift anything except vegetables and your children in your presence. Always listen to her problems even if you are bored or too tired. Look after your woman like you would look after your children. Compliment her everyday, dress up for her, and be friends with her friends. Then see how much romance you get.

    This formula is the best one for success. A woman should not think that looking after the domestic side is less important than bringing in money. Infact its more more important. All women should cook for their husbands…………if you dont………..start downloading divorce papers!

    Some woman may agree, some may completely disagree and spit on me for saying this but manly man with balls is more sexy than a man with slouchy breasts, hanging clothes and ironing for three hours just to get three minutes of pleasure in bed.

    When you become a real man every woman will want to have sex with you to feel that sense of security, protection and comfort. Two things will always help. Good moral and ethical principles and big biceps. Your wife should respect you like she respects her father and that has to be earned.

  20. #20 awife
    on Jun 1st, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Nothing wrong with a guy doing some of the domestic chores or duties. Nothing wrong with a female having a job and bringing home some of the money. But in the long run I like my guy acting like a masculine man …not whiny or wimpy or feminine… He is the man I want him to treat me like the female… I want the regular stuff guys do for girls.. Flowers, chocolate, a movie, or just to hang with me.
    I think most of the post have some valid points. But let me tell you though nothing kills the mood when your picking and cleaning up after your spouse especially when you come home after a ten or eleven hour shift. The house was clean before I left it can damn well be clean when I get home! So if that means that my manly man does some dishes… Well then he can lower himself from his big manly pedestal for the duration. And that concept is for everything… BC I will be damned if he thinks he is too good to do what I do while I work just as much. And lets face it with this economy most families cannot survive without the dual income. So squash the man does the manly shit while women at sit home and do domestic stuff all day… Like starching our husband’s underwear.
    A relationship is a two way street. Love is a two way street. So is sex. It is very disheartening when you feel like your romancing a board…especially when you think the board is judging you. Does a board turn u on? No. So to make sure there isn’t a board in the bed you need to set the mood, seduce, get the field ready before your in the bed. Make them more malleable to what you want. Before your in bed… So don’t piss the other person off four hours ago and expect them to role over. And lets face it guys a grope here a grope there doesn’t work. Women are not light switches. Its not like u grab our boob and we are all of a sudden wet in the panties. And the “TADA!” act does not work. So don’t be all like look what I got for you! And expect us to be amazed and turned on. So take the time and set the mood! Actually make an effort! This goes for girls too.. but I admit the “TADA!” works better for the female to the guys though.
    How to set the mood…. Well u need to start listening first off. What does your spouse like? There is a great book that can help you find that out…you may already know it.. I can’t remember the author or the name though, but it is about the five love languages.
    TOUCHING (holding hands, hugging, having sex, touching them throughout the day, kissing),
    QUALITY TIME (one on one time, going for a walk, sitting and listening about their day, a picnic, a conversation),
    GIFTS (a flower, chocolate, jewelry, a new tool, a book),
    WORDS (saying I love you, saying you appreciate what they do, saying they are beautiful, tell them how u feel, tell them thank you for doing the laundry, or for being there),
    ACTS OF SERVICE (yes doing the dishes, cooking, helping them around the house, running an errand for them, making the bed, usually something that bothers them)
    It has basically narrowed down to those five …almost anything you can think of can be labeled under one of these. Once you figure out what your spouses language is you can “speak” to them in a way that is more understandable to them. It will make them happy. And sex is very much tied into the emotions…your happy your more willing to to have sex. If your pissed generally you don’t want to sleep with the person who pissed you off in the first place.. So make them feel good..
    If u figure out what things speak to your spouse then they will be happier and your marriage will most likely be better and happier. So instead of doing all those things previously listed find what works… My husband is a touch person…. If he is unhappy or mad at me all I really got to do is pet, rub, kiss on him, hug on him, even sleep with him…and he is in a much better mood.
    Some of you said I’ve tried this I’ve tried that and nothing seems to work…well find out which language is theirs. Speak it. And they WILL respond. This does take an effort. It takes a drive to wanna make it work. This is right up there with the love dare thing. You try hard enough it will work. The better the marriage outside the sheets…the better it will between the sheets.

  21. #21 Chad
    on Jul 3rd, 2011 at 12:22 am

    Every relationship is twice as different as the two people in it. Then, on top of that it can change dramatically over time as life changes for both of the people in the relationship. So, there is not a cookie-cutter remedy that is going to bring more sex to every marriage. My own marriage is untraditional in that my wife could care less about if the house is clean or if the laundry is done or what is for dinner. When my wife and I met I had a son from a previous relationship and even when we started living together I always felt like it was my responsibilty, because I had a child, to make sure there was dinner and the house was clean, etc… I think that is what attracted her to me more than anything else. After eleven years and our own child now I am becoming more frustrated with feeling like it is all up to me. Hence, I complain a lot and sound like the bitchy wife and she is turned off because I bitch about her lack of contribution to household tasks. In the end, if I want to save my marriage and enjoy more sex, then I need to act like I did when we first met. I am the one that has changed and expect more from her. If I want more sex like we had when our relationship started then I should act like I did when we first were together. Maybe it is not fair, maybe I deserve and should expect more from my wife but I promised her in front of God and invited family and guests that I would love her for better or worse as long as we both shall live. Additionally, I am reminded that my savior our Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross because he loved us and did not complain about it. That is my biggest problem. I still do the majority of household work, care for our child, and all the yard work, trash, etc…for her highness but I constantly complain and pressure her to contribute more and so I do not get laid as much as I would like. So, I have been trying to search the internet and learn more about not complaining and enjoying life. Even though it sounds like I have the answers and will have a happy ending, these are the issues I deal with everyday, all day. I wrote this because I needed to get the issues off my chest and think the problems through. It is like therapy. I wish you all the best with your own relationships and thank you for reading about mine.

  22. #22 CR James
    on Aug 17th, 2011 at 3:23 am

    Good Post!

    The problem that guys make is they focus on trying to convince their wife to have sex.

    You have to trigger her emotions.

    Trying to convince her to have sex is like trying to convince her to laugh. Laughter has to be triggered by an experience that she finds funny.

    Getting her turned on works the same way. If you get her to experience the right emotional and psychological affect, her body will biologically respond whether you want it to or not.

    One of the first things that a guy in a relationship should do if he wants to improve her sex drive is clear his mind and think about the times when she was extremely aroused in the past.

    The idea is to appreciate the fact that she is a unique person with unique experiences.

    It makes sense to get better at understanding times when she actually became obviously aroused.

    Most guys will have at least 2-4 clear memories of times when she was obviously wanting it badly.

    Step 2: You should then think of as many things that were going on during that time as possible.

    If you wanted to do this, you should make a list. It could look like this:

    She was very happy about getting a raise.
    We just went on vacation.
    She had just recently lost 10 pounds.
    I told her how amazingly hot she looked.

    You get the point.

    You could start a new notepad (or Microsoft Word) file and list 3 - 33 different things.

    Chances are you’re not going to be able to recall everything, but you’ve have just started
    the process of doing things much differently.

    This is not the traditional way of increasing her libido, yet it makes a lot of sense.

  23. #23 7???????
    on Nov 10th, 2011 at 6:19 pm

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